Arie Setya Putra

Arie Setya Putra is one of the lads who are in one of the provinces that are in Bandar Lampung, he was born on February 1, 1987 in the province of Lampung. The father of Athilla Salsabila Al Khanza and husband of Ochi Marshella Febriani, Started his professional activity in 2007 with incorporated into Head Programming In Imagery PT.Syifa Ragani engaged in the field of Pharmaceutical Distribution. After one year before he was listed as one of the students at the Faculty of Computer in IBI Darmajaya Lampung.

After Focus In a world Programming Concept in the period 2005-2010 and the successfull completion of the program strata 1 degree S.Kom, he continued studies At the same campus, the Master of Information Technology program. At the same time he was working at one of the private companies that are Indonesia namely PT.Bank Danamon Tbk after receiving training in Danamon Corporate University which is located in Ciawi and hours of flying in Division Mikrobanking namely the Operational Section, Section Credit and Risk section. The Business Unit Management Science he obtained while in PT.Danamon Tbk make him moved to implement it in the professional field of technology, namely by establishing AVVA based Center in Jakarta.

After completing the Master's Program in Management Information System with regard to the COBIT Thesis Title Methology, youth who study Islam in Pesantren Darul Falah this, extend the range to be a registered ilmuannya with one Professional Lecturer at one of the Colleges berhome Base STMIK Mitra Lampung, Interrupted between the professional activities, she sharpened her entrepreneurial theory concepts in 30 France by empowering students and student to perform these activities.

Milestones In Professional Activity:

2007 - Starting a Professional Career - Head Programmer PT.Syifa Image Ragani
While others relax and fro home campus and home. He chose to understand the field of information technology by creating software-created using Programming language - see article My Software
2010 - Involved In PT.Bank Danamon Tbk
Based on professional knowledge learned at Danamon Corporate University, he developed the knowledge in the areas of Operations, Credit, Risk and Management Business Unit.
2010 - Establishing PT.AVVA Jakarta
Together with the Community White Hack located in Jakarta and Bandung, he became one of the pioneers who built PT.AVVA based on Multimedia Programming & Network.
2012 - Completed the Master of Information Technology Education Program
In accordance with the basic science that has been completed at the stage of previous education, making deepen the field of Management Information System.
2012 - Involved In Professional Lecturer
Based on flying hours and experience in developing the Information Management and Technology, he became one of the lecturers registered in Lampung province with Home Base STMIK Mitra Lampung.
2014 - Involved In Community
Community is a container for the test of professionalism in general, previous street technology community has taught him many things, when it became Lecturer Community Reach farther and more professional.
2015 - Establishing CV.30 France
Based trips involve meeting with students, Then 30 France Indonesia was create With some products, namely W30F-Waroeng 30 France, B30F-Band 30 France, E30F-Education 30 France, S30F-Shop 30, France.

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